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Martin Yates Tracy Parish is a leading résumé writer whose dedication to the craft is clearly reflected in her work. I am delighted to have her résumés and cover letters featured in several of the ‘Knock ‘em Dead’ books. She really engages with her clients and what comes out is different and fresh! I read her résumés and cover letters and because it’s not the ‘same old- same old’ I actually enjoy reading them!

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– Knock ‘Em Dead
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Wendy Tracy Parish is one of the shining stars in the résumé writing industry! She is an excellent writer, both creative and strategic in her approach. She ensures that her clients get the ‘best’ résumé advice and support she can provide. Featured in the following books by Wendy Enelow: – Executive Job Search for $100,000 to $1 Million+ Jobs – Expert Résumés for Career Changers

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Jay Tracy Parish is a visionary and creative leader in the résumé writing industry whose work I have personally selected for publication in several of my nationally distributed, best-selling résumé and cover letter books. In addition to her top-notch résumé writing skills, she is a strong advocate of continuing education and training for résumé writers within the industry. Her work has been featured in several of my books including: – 202 Great Résumés – 2500 Keywords to Get you Hired – 101 Best Résumés for Grads No doubt, I highly recommend and endorse this talented professional.


maps-testimonials-bill I have been a contemporary writer with Tracy for the past decade, and her work is simply top shelf. She is a skilled resume writer and provides an excellent service. I’ve had occasion to examine some of her work and it is exceptional. Tracy is also a regular contributor to our professional associations’ newsgroups where we help each other solve issues and help our candidates take “the next step forward” in their careers. Her advice is always welcome and well received, by both newer writers in the group and even veterans in the field. Trust Tracy with your career. You won’t be sorry.


Kudos from Delighted Clients

Habeeb F.
Strategic Advisor

Office of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser (First Lady of Qatar) – Doha, Qatar

I had been lost for years and was unable to project myself and my true qualities, until I found you. With your magic, innovation and years of experience in this market, you have transformed my professional image to a new benchmark. I want to thank you personally for all the dedication and hard work you have put into my project. I was very impressed with the resume, but I am “knocked out” with the cover letter, it is just perfect, full stop! I shall totally recommend you to folks who are looking for a career jump in this challenging market.

Leyton C.
Division Planning Manager; Sr. Program / Product Manager

Amazon.com – Seattle, WA

I can with confidence recommend Tracy’s work associated with my job search. In her discussions with me she was able to identify what was important about me that other businesses might find interesting and helped me craft a resume that reached out for those opportunities. I was very impressed with her knowledge of specific word searches and phrases that I found particularly helpful in my job search. Her/my resume yielded results in a very short time.

Grace D.
Director of Nursing / Nurse Manager / Change Agent

Rochester, NY

I am so excited to apply for jobs with this resume. I just sent the resume for a job posting less than 5 minutes ago and it’s already forwarded to the hiring manager…. I am amazed by how quickly they responded. It took them 5 minutes Tracy…. I am confident we will get good results. It’s amazing that I found you by coincidence on LinkedIn and this has turned out to be the best decision to guide me during my career search.

Bill M.
Former US Navy Commander

Greater Los Angeles, CA

I most highly recommend Tracy for anyone needing a resume. She is an expert at what she does and definitely will give you a resume that will attract attention.

maps-testimonials-christina Christina R.
Regional VP

Eaton, PA

Tracy Parish is truly a blessing in disguise. She was easy to engage and was a genuine partner throughout my resume preparation process. Even though the timeframe for delivery was short, she met all deadlines and submission schedule responsibilities. This work could not have gone so smoothly if she had not been a good listener. She was able to capture the smallest details of our conversations and turn them into positive value-oriented statements. If I get an interview, she deserves much more than a “Thank You.” In two words — Hire Her!

Teresa J.
Sr. Project Leader

International Paper Company – Greater Memphis, TN area

I am so glad to find Tracy Parish to write my resumes. She is an excellent listener and writer. She absolutely got what I needed captured in my resumes. I had recruiters tell me what an excellent resume and asking me who wrote the resume because they wanted to recommend Tracy to their clients. Tracy is personable, trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I would hire her in an instance. She is very easy to work with and she offers great professional advice.

Paul D.
Board Director / CEO

Chicago, IL

Tracy is a true professional. She is creative, thoughtful and thorough. I enjoyed working with her and I look forward to her assistance as I require additional support in the future.

Howard M.
CIO / VP or Operations & Technology
Project / Process Improvement Manager

Greater Los Angeles, CA area

Tracy… thank you for your excellent work on my résumé, cover letter, and Executive Profile. They are all very consistent with what I expected based on our conversations – very well written and unique from anything I have seen so they stand apart from others. I am very pleased with your work, and fully expect to attain the exceptional results and responses as you advertised.

Also, I appreciate the time you spent to get to know me and what makes me unique / exceptional. You did not hesitate to explore my background to any degree necessary to uncover the key facts, then highlight these traits and characteristics in your work. Your efforts show clearly in the result. I have already told many of my friends about you and the high quality résumé you have produced for me!

Jennifer G.
Franchise Operations / Project Manager
Greater Los Angeles, CA area

I just spent the last hour speaking to the Director of [Company Name]. He was SO impressed with the resume! It stood out, it was different and very comprehensive!” (She submitted the resume Friday and sent this note to us on Monday morning.)

Laura G.
Vice President of Operations
Aurora, CO

Tracy – You are absolutely wonderful! The cover letter sounds just like me! I don’t know how you did that, but you are a blessing. I expected a reserved, controlled, “ultimate professional” sounding cover letter that had no personality and was, frankly, selling someone I am not. Thank you for bringing to the forefront of my mind, that fact that I need to work for a company that seeks, someone not just for my skills but also for the individual personality traits that I bring. The cover letter sells me as I am. Thank You for being true to me. Again, you have blessed me more than you know.

Woody S.
Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Greater Baltimore, MD area

I would be happy to be a reference source for your 1st time customers. I really appreciate the way you integrated our interview conversations with the rewrite of my previous material. You have a gift of presenting the final product in a way that’s accurate and compelling.

Rafael C.
Brand Manager
Glendale, CA

I submitted my resume to 10 high profile companies and received 10 positive responses for interviews! Here is the list of companies where I will be interviewing: Sara Lee DOLE American Express General Electric Johnson & Johnson Land O’ Lakes General Mills Procter & Gamble Diageo Universal I will keep you posted as I move forward to the final interview process. Thank you! I love my updated resume and new format :) I can’t get over how wonderful it looks and reads!

LinkedIn Optimization Endorsement

Note: The following is an endorsement regarding a LinkedIn profile I developed for a client. A few months after we had it up and going the client forwarded me this glowing review someone sent to her…


I owe you an explanation as to why I look at your profile so often. I am a career coach who teaches out-placed individuals job search skills. Part of that process is to teach them how to create a LinkedIn profile that will distinguish them from their peers, and attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. I ran across your profile one day and was stunned by how great it was! I’ve looked at hundreds of profiles and yours is without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever seen. Therefore, I often point my senior level candidates to your profile as an example of what they need to create for themselves, being very careful to coach them not to plagiarize. I walk them through it and point out what makes yours so marketable and good. There’s a wealth of great content in it!

So that’s why you see my name popping up repeatedly. I’ve found that by showing them what a good profile looks like is the best teaching/coaching aid I can use. I talk, talk, talk and they don’t really get it, but then when they actually see a smart/strong profile like yours the light comes on for them. So thank you. You’ve excited a lot of senior level professionals who are new to this social media arena and the potential that it can hold for them. Have a wonderful day.


Sharon M., Career Strategist, & e-Learning Instructor

“Tracy, I have sent the résumé out with a vendor I know to pass it on to other companies. He read the résumé and commented about the style, layout, and paper it is printed on. He said it is the best résumé he has seen in quite sometime. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST OUT-OF-WORK INVESTMENT I COULD HAVE MADE FOR MY FUTURE EMPLOYMENT! Thanks again!”

– John T. (Project Manager / Sr. Electrical Design Professional)

I have landed a great job! Thanks so very much for all your assistance in creating the résumé that helped me get the attention of the Grand Rapids Bar Association. My goal was to be an integral part of the day-to-day operations of a not-for-profit organization, be a supervisor, have the opportunity to manage a budget, create marketing plans, and be a manager.I do all that and more as the Associate Executive Director of the Bar. I am the administrator of the Lawyer Referral Service, a community service program aimed at linking individuals with attorneys. I am also the director of the Continuing Legal Educational program, which requires marketing, planning, organizational, and sales skills to accomplish. I am also the editor of the Bar’s monthly newsletter ‘GR Law.’ I couldn’t have written a better job description if I had tried! Thanks so much for your time and talents in helping me with my career search.

– Dawn L. (Executive Director / Grand Rapids Bar Association)

“Many thanks for your help with my résumé and your interviewing tips. Here are the results: One résumé + two stamps = one interview. Your interview tips helped me ‘ace’ that dreadful ‘tell me about yourself’ moment. One thank you letter + one stamp = one great job offer! I am now full-charge accounts payable representative for Livingston County Service Company. My initial salary exceeds what I was receiving at my last position, and I will receive a review in 90 days. The benefit package is comparable to what I had, and best of all, I no longer have a long commute. My office is just four miles from my home. The office has a relaxed atmosphere and a very casual dress code. Just what I was looking for. In fact, if I choose to wear denim or polo shirts with the company logo, they will pay 60% of my clothing costs.

Again, thanks for all your help. I would recommend your services to anyone in the job market. My new boss commented several times during the interview about the professional appearance and organization of my résumé. I enjoyed working with you and wish you the best.”

– Linda W. (Accountant)

“I am now Manager of Client Services at David Vaughan Investments, Inc.! The stress of job searching is over. This is everything that I’ve been looking for and a great offer! Thanks for all of your help in the process!

– Deanna B.(MBA New Graduate)

I think you are a God send!! Thank you. When it came to WRITING a résumé, I wanted it to really stand out and show off my creativity as well as stay within the do’s and don’ts of a professional business environment. I guess the bottom line is that I wanted a professional résumé that was creative, kind of like me. Haha! The only résumé I had seen so far had been so boring/standard. You surpassed my ideals and then some. Thank you.

– Susan M., NY (Entertainment Industry)

This is wonderful! I’m having a great time talking to all of these people and having people interested in me again, and this is helping to boost my confidence, which I needed as well. Thank you for your help! Also, I wanted to let you know that my previous boss at the City job asked for your number and name, so he will be calling you soon to get his résumé done as well.

ALSO, I received another call Friday, from my previous boss, asking if I had seen a job posting. He knew the woman who would be the Training Manager. She contacted him to see if HE was interested in the job, but he wanted to give her my name!! Of course I said yes. About 10 minutes after I hung up with him, I received a call from the recruiter at this company. When I asked if she had spoken with him already, she said he hadn’t called her yet. She and the Training Manager had picked out my (NEW) résumé just the day before and they were contacting me to set up an interview appointment!!!! I have an interview with them next Tuesday!!! Thank you again soooooooooooooo much! I am having a great time with all of these calls!

– Julie H., CO (Organization Development / Corporate Trainer)

We have hundreds of more testimonials, but I think you get the point…